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Autograss Victory for Ben Harper!

In the adrenaline-fueled world of Autograss racing, the rise of a champion is always a story worth telling. This year, that story belongs to Ben Harper, whose remarkable journey in the Mini Class 5 culminated in a stunning victory, further consolidating his position with a 3rd place overall in the UK Autograss Championships.The Road to VictoryBen Harper, a name now synonymous with resilience and skill on the Autograss tracks, began his journey with a passion for speed and a dedication to the sport. His vehicle of choice, a meticulously prepared Mini, became his companion and tool in carving his path to success. The Class 5 category, known for its competitive edge and the skill level it demands, was where Ben chose to make his mark. Throughout the season, his performances were a blend of strategic driving, unwavering focus, and an innate ability to adapt to the dynamic and often treacherous track conditions.