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Touch Clean – LCD Cleaner 100ml


Diamondbrite Touch Clean is the best touch screen cleaner for car infotainment screens, satellite navigation systems, car dashboards and vehicle menu displays. Touch Clean is also perfect for use on all electronic devices – it is the best laptop and smartphone cleaner. Using a phosphate and ammonia-free formula, its pH neutral solution removes finger prints and static electricity for ease-of-use and improved screen clarity.

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Diamondbrite Touch Clean is the best touch screen cleaner for car infotainment screens, car dashboards and menu displays. Touch Clean has been developed using a phosphate and ammonia-free formula designed to gently – yet instantly – restore screens and devices to a ‘like new’ appearance. Touch Clean’s pH neutral solution features high performance, static-free, properties which remove finger prints and creates a static-free surface for ease of use and improved screen clarity.

Touchscreens are increasingly prevalent in modern cars, these TFT LCD screens are often a magnet for unsightly finger marks and greasy smudges from the natural oils in our hands. Screens can easily end up looking nasty unless they are cleaned regularly – especially when dark and inactive. Household window or kitchen cleaners contain ammonia – this will damage your car’s screens. Diamondbrite Touch Clean is gentle and safe, yet also ultra effective on these digital infotainment and navigation system screens, control system and display panels alongside dashboards and touchscreen consoles in general – all of which attract dust, dirt and greasy marks through everyday use. Keep your car’s interior looking showroom fresh with Diamondbrite Touch Clean.

When touchscreen surfaces are cleaned with traditional cleaning products they can dry with unsightly streaky marks, Diamondbrite Touch Clean effectively restores screens in cars and on electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches. If it has a screen, Diamondbrite Touch Clean can clean it. A genuine added benefit of Touch Clean is its anti-static properties – when treated the clean surface repels static electricity preventing dust settling and ensuring a clearer view is maintained for longer.

Diamondbrite Touch Clean has been specially developed in the UK at Diamondbrite’s dedicated 45,000 square foot research, testing and manufacturing facility set in the heart of the Midlands in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Its unique formula has been arrived at by experts – laboratory technicians who are specialists in developing high performance car cleaning products.

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Directions for use:

Switch device off so screen is inactive. Spray sparingly onto a clean microfibre cloth or pad. Wipe screen, do not allow excess to run behind screen. Buff clean with a second clean microfibre cloth or pad.

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