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Replenish – Vinyl, Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner


Diamondbrite Replenish – Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner cleans, protects and conditions all vinyl and rubber surfaces, such as car door trims, black plastic bumpers and tyre sidewalls. It is easy to use thanks to its trigger spray bottle application and can transform your car in minutes – wiping years from its general appearance.


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Elevate the condition and appearance of your vehicle’s vinyl and rubber components with Diamondbrite Replenish – Vinyl, Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner. This top-tier product stands out in your car care collection, delivering quick and effective cleaning and conditioning to all vinyl and rubber surfaces. Its innovative formulation not only cleans but also creates a durable, flexible barrier, reviving surfaces to their original, showroom-quality look swiftly.

🚗 Diamondbrite Replenish: Your go-to solution for vinyl and rubber care.

🛡️ Restore and Protect: Transforms and protects vinyl and rubber, bringing back the ‘factory fresh’ appearance in no time.

🔁 Efficient Application: The convenient trigger spray applicator ensures a clean, quick, and efficient process, bypassing the messiness and time consumption associated with brush application.

🌟 Versatile Usage: Ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces, including dashboards, bumpers, and door trims, enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetic and market value.

🔄 Preventative Care: Conditions rubber components to prevent drying and cracking, crucial for maintaining the functionality of elements like door and window seals, especially in challenging weather conditions.

🔬 Expertly Formulated: Crafted in Diamondbrite’s state-of-the-art facility in Loughborough, UK, this product employs a blend of silicone and emulsifiers to penetrate surfaces, offering a choice between a fresh matt or gloss finish.

Directions for Use:

  1. For a gloss finish, generously apply Diamondbrite Replenish and leave for five minutes before wiping off any excess with a microfibre cloth.
  2. For a matt finish, apply the product onto a cloth and then wipe onto the surface, drying it afterward.
  3. In case of overspray, promptly remove it with a clean cloth.

Discover the transformative power of Diamondbrite Replenish, the unsung hero of car care, and give your vehicle’s vinyl and rubber surfaces the attention they deserve.

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5 litres, 500ml

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