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Tyre Dressing – Quick Tyre Restorer


Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is a Quick Tyre Restorer that can be used on tyres and all rubber surfaces to return them to there original appearance. Dull or brown tyres can ruin the look of a car – Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing is the best tyre dressing for returning car tyres to their ‘like new’ jet black finish – the finishing touch to any clean car.

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**Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing: Restore and Shine**



– Diamondbrite’s premium formula rejuvenates dull tyres to their pristine condition.

– Perfect for all rubber surfaces, including rubber door and window trims.

– An essential product for both professionals and home detailers seeking a flawless finish.



– **Combat Tyre Dullness:** Easily tackles tired, browned, or faded tyres, giving them a fresh, blackened look.

– **Effortless Application:** Unlike traditional tyre dressings, Diamondbrite’s trigger spray is precise, quick, and requires no post-application buffing.

– **Innovative Formulation:** Crafted at Diamondbrite’s 45,000 sq ft facility in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

– **Expertly Developed:** Created by specialist technicians skilled in high-performance car cleaning solutions.


**Easy Usage:**

1. **Preparation:** Wash and dry the car as usual.

2. **Application:** Spray Diamondbrite Tyre Dressing directly onto dry tyre sidewalls.

3. **Clean-Up:** Wipe off any overspray from surrounding areas, like alloy wheels, with a dry cloth.

4. **Instant Results:** See immediate enhancement, with a non-sling silicone formula ensuring no unwanted residue on bodywork.


**Additional Features:**

– Prevents tyre ageing and cracking.

– Keep your vehicle looking pristine.


**Directions for Use:**

1. Ensure tyre is dry.

2. Spray directly onto the tyre wall.

3. Wipe off excess with a dry cloth. No buffing needed.


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