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Diamond Shield Conserver


Diamondbrite Diamond Shield Conserver is an advanced NON FOAMING car wash additive that preserves your car’s shine following the application of paint protection products – such as ceramic and hydrophobic treatments. Diamond Shield Conserver acts as a rinse aid for use after car shampoo, it both cleans and provides a protective anti-static coating via cutting-edge nano ceramic technology.

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Enhance your car care routine with Diamondbrite Diamond Shield Conserver, a sophisticated non-foaming additive designed to complement your regular car wash, ensuring your vehicle remains impeccably clean and protected. This product seamlessly integrates with the Diamondbrite car wash range, offering a gentle yet effective cleaning solution that safeguards your car’s shine and protective coatings.

🛡️ Diamondbrite Diamond Shield Conserver: Elevate your car’s cleanliness and protection.

🌟 Protective Formula: Designed to work harmoniously with ceramic and hydrophobic coatings, ensuring your car’s protective layers remain intact.

🚿 Versatile Application: Can be used as an additive with water or in its concentrated form directly on a microfibre cloth for enhanced protection and shine.

🧼 Safe & Effective Cleaning: Contains mild abrasives to tackle dirt and surface contaminants without stripping existing protective coatings.

💧 Dual Use: Ideal as a rinse aid or a standalone protective coating when used undiluted, offering flexibility in your car care routine.

🔬 Expertly Developed: Crafted at Diamondbrite’s state-of-the-art facility in Loughborough, Leicestershire, ensuring premium quality and performance.

📏 Available Sizes: Choose from 250ml, 1 litre, and 5 litre options, or select our Special Saver Packs for additional value.

Directions for Use:

  1. Following a wash with Diamondbrite Max Foam Shampoo, dilute Diamond Shield Conserver in a bucket of clean water.
  2. Apply evenly to the car’s paintwork using a Diamondbrite Wash Mitt or Jumbo Sponge, avoiding the windscreen to prevent smearing.
  3. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly and dry.

🚫 Note: Always use a separate bucket and wash mitt/sponge from those used with car shampoo to maintain the effectiveness of the Conserver.

Discover the ultimate car care experience with Diamondbrite Diamond Shield Conserver, where advanced protection meets effortless cleaning.

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1 litre, 250ml, 5 litres


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