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Rainscreen Rain Deflector – 100ml


Diamondbrite Rainscreen dramatically improves visibility in tricky wet weather driving conditions. Rainscreen forms a protective coating causing rain water to form into droplets on contact with treated glass, these aerodynamically clear from your car windscreen reducing the frequency of windscreen wiper use and ensuring a clearer view of the road ahead.

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Diamondbrite Rainscreen: The Ultimate Rain Repellant

🔹 Enhanced Visibility in Wet Conditions:
– Ensure a clearer view of the road with Diamondbrite Rainscreen. As rainwater contacts the treated surfaces, it beads into small droplets which are swiftly whisked away by natural airflow.
– Minimize windscreen wiper use for a less obstructed view.
– A top pick for safety-conscious motorists.

🔹 Benefits Beyond Rain:
– Showers your screen with protection against sleet, snow, mud, and even bugs.
– Prevents frost, ice, and salt from sticking, making wintertime driving safer.
– Surprise bonus: Works wonders on clear glass shower doors, resisting watermarks and soap stains.

🔹 Easy Application:
– A little goes a long way. Use a clean, dry cloth for application.
– Watch for the haze. Once it appears, reapply for complete coverage and buff with a clean microfibre cloth.

🔹 Made in the UK:
– Crafted with care in Diamondbrite’s expansive facility in Loughborough, Leicestershire.
– Developed by expert laboratory technicians who specialize in high-performance car care products.

🔹 Proven Performance in Extreme Conditions:
– Tested rigorously through Diamondbrite’s association with Honda Racing British Touring Car Championship Team Dynamics.
– Offers a competitive edge to racers like Matt Neal and Dan Cammish by keeping the track in clear focus even in wet conditions.

🎥 Discover More: Dive deeper into the magic of Diamondbrite Rainscreen on our [YouTube channel](

Application Directions:
1. Begin with a clean, dry surface using [Diamondbrite Ultra Glass]( and a [Micro Fibre Cloth](
2. Apply a dab of Diamondbrite Rainscreen to the cloth.
3. Use firm, overlapping motions on the glass until a slight haze appears.
4. Reapply as needed to ensure complete coverage.
5. Finish by buffing with a microfibre cloth. If any hazing remains, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Experience the Diamondbrite difference today!

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