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Ultra Glass – Spirit Glass Cleaner


Diamondbrite Ultra Glass – Spirit Glass Cleaner is the best car window cleaner for quick and effortless use. It provides a smear and streak free finish on all glass surfaces and mirrors. Ultra Glass is the best glass cleaner for crystal clear vision, it is free from harsh abrasives, waxes, and silicones.

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Achieve crystal-clear visibility with Diamondbrite Ultra Glass – Spirit Glass Cleaner, the ultimate solution for all your vehicle’s glass surfaces and mirrors. This top-tier cleaner ensures a smear- and streak-free finish, enhancing safety by providing optimal visibility during your drives.

🚘 Diamondbrite Ultra Glass: Elevate your vehicle’s clarity and cleanliness.

🪟 Spotless Vision: Delivers a flawless finish on all glass surfaces, mirrors, and even glass substitutes like polycarbonate and acrylic, ensuring unobstructed visibility.

🔍 Enhanced Safety: Maintains excellent visibility by effectively removing traffic film, dust, insect remains, and more, crucial for safe driving in all conditions.

🌞 Seasonal Versatility: Ideal for minimizing fogging in winter and enhancing clear vision in bright summer conditions, adapting to your needs year-round.

🌱 Gentle Yet Effective: Specially formulated without harsh abrasives, waxes, or silicones, making it safe for a variety of surfaces while delivering powerful cleaning action.

🔬 Expertly Crafted: Developed at Diamondbrite’s specialized facility in Loughborough, UK, ensuring a product of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Directions for Use:

  1. Spray Diamondbrite Ultra Glass directly onto the surface to be cleaned.
  2. Buff off with a clean Diamondbrite Microfibre Cloth for a sparkling finish.

With Diamondbrite Ultra Glass, you’re not just cleaning your vehicle’s glass surfaces; you’re investing in clearer, safer journeys.

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Weight 0.5 kg

5 litres, 500ml

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