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Ultra Glass – Spirit Glass Cleaner


Diamondbrite Ultra Glass – Spirit Glass Cleaner is the best car window cleaner for quick and effortless use. It provides a smear and streak free finish on all glass surfaces and mirrors. Ultra Glass is the best glass cleaner for crystal clear vision, it is free from harsh abrasives, waxes, and silicones.

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Diamondbrite Ultra Glass – Spirit Glass Cleaner is the best car glass cleaner suitable for all glass surfaces and mirrors inside and out. Ultra Glass provides a smear- and streak-free finish, cleaning surfaces with ease to provide crystal clear vision – improving safety by maintaining good visibility while driving.

Dirty glass not only spoils the look of a clean car, it also leads to poor visibility which can be extremely dangerous while driving. Traffic film, dust, insect remains, tree sap, oil, grease, bird deposits, and even polish residue can all cause car glass, such as windscreens, door glass, and mirrors, to appear cloudy. The problem applies to the interior as much as the exterior. For example, keeping the inside of your windscreen clean during the colder winter season minimises fogging, and it will demist in a faster, more uniform fashion, when necessary. In the summer months keeping a clearer view of the road ahead in bright sunshine will be easier, too. Clean your glass and mirrors easily and effectively with Diamondbrite Ultra Glass to eliminate these common problems and to keep your car looking its best.

In addition to glass, it is also great on glass substitutes (such as Polycarbonate – used frequently for headlights – and Acrylic such as Perspex), mirrors, plastics, and paintwork.

Car enthusiasts know that a specialist car glass cleaner like Diamondbrite Ultra Glass is far more powerful and effective than a typical household cleaner. Ultra Glass has been specially developed in the UK at Diamondbrite’s dedicated 45,000 square foot research, testing and manufacturing facility in Loughborough, in the Midlands of the UK. However, despite being a superior, concentrated, commercial grade, glass cleaner, Ultra Glass does not contain any potentially harsh abrasives, waxes, or silicones, meaning it can quickly and safely clean all manor of surfaces. Its trigger bottle makes application a breeze.

Diamondbrite Ultra Glass is available in a 500ml trigger bottle a more economical 5 litre container.

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Directions for use:

Spray directly on to the area to be cleaned, buff-off with a clean Diamondbrite Microfibre Cloth.

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Weight 0.5 kg

5 litres, 500ml

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