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Seal & Shine – Protective Glaze Sealant


Diamondbrite Seal & Shine – Protective Glaze Sealant – is a modern alternative to car polish or wax, though it can be used in conjunction with these traditional products, too. The best car cleaning product for providing a lasting deep gloss shine and paint guard, this car paint sealant protects paint with an invisible, silky smooth, hydrophobic layer capable of repelling water, contaminants and road grime for up to six months.

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Introducing Diamondbrite Seal & Shine – Protective Glaze Sealant, the ultimate solution for achieving and maintaining a deep gloss shine on your vehicle’s paintwork. This innovative product stands out as a modern alternative to conventional car polishes or waxes, offering extended protection with an invisible, silicone-free, hydrophobic layer. Designed to repel water, contaminants, and road grime for up to six months, Seal & Shine is your go-to for durable paintwork preservation.

🚗 Diamondbrite Seal & Shine – Protective Glaze Sealant: Elevate your car’s aesthetic with lasting brilliance.

Deep Gloss Shine: Offers a superior shine, enhancing your vehicle’s appearance with a silky smooth finish.

🛡️ Advanced Protection: Creates a durable, elastic barrier that defends against dirt, grime, and environmental factors, making cleaning a breeze.

💧 Hydrophobic Layer: Its water-repelling properties ensure that your car stays cleaner for longer, simplifying maintenance.

🌱 Eco-Friendly: Suitable for modern water-based paints, providing essential protection without compromising environmental values.

🔬 Expertly Developed: Crafted in Diamondbrite’s state-of-the-art UK facility, ensuring a premium quality product that combines non-acrylic resins and nano-ceramic synthetics.

🔄 Enhanced Durability: Ideal for maintaining a pristine look through challenging conditions, especially during winter months.

Directions for Use:

  1. Apply Seal & Shine to one panel at a time using a clean cloth and small circular motions.
  2. Wait for the product to dry to a haze before wiping off.
  3. Remove with a Diamondbrite Microfibre Cloth or Terry Towel using straight-line motions to prevent swirl marks.

For a vehicle that radiates perfection and is shielded against the elements, choose Diamondbrite Seal & Shine – the sealant that not only shines but also endures.

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